According to his mother, Matthew showed signs of creativity at a very early age. Of course, that might just be her polite way of saying he was a little weird.

After graduating from The Johns Hopkins University, Matthew began working as an investment banker and was certain he had his whole life and career mapped out. He even had a twenty-year plan to prove it.

But after a yearlong battle with cancer (he’s been cured for over twelve years now), Matthew realized that he needed to scrap his plans and focus on living in the moment. A few weeks later, he quit his job and began writing.

Since taking the leap, Matthew has written for film (check out 30 Minutes or Less if you haven’t already), television, and print, and loves crafting stories for all mediums and audiences.

Matthew currently resides in Arlington, Virginia with his amazing wife.

Q&A with Matthew

Q: When and where were you born?
A: That’s a great first question. I was born on April 8th, 1980 in Falls Church, Virginia.

Q: How tall are you?
A: I’m 6’3″ but my wife says that’s only when I stand up straight, which is almost never.

Q: What was it like being an only child?
A: I don’t know where you heard I was an only child, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m actually the second oldest of seven awesome siblings. Family is the most important thing in my life.

Proof of Matthew’s amazing and large family circa 1990. (L to R: Dan, Brendan, Mom and Maura, Mike, Dad, Joe, John, Matthew)

Q: That was a great picture and all, but it’s close to twenty-five years old. Do you have any more recent proof of your “real” family?
A: If you insist, here’s another picture taken at my wedding (11/15/14)…

Too many people to name…

Q: That is much better. Moving on, how did you decide to get into writing?
A: Serious question, serious answer… I fell in love with reading/writing at an early age, but I chose to set it free (like they say you should do with things you love) to focus more on math and science. I made the transition partly because math and science came easy to me, but also because I never thought writing could actually be a career option. It wasn’t until I had a year-long tussle with testicular cancer that I realized how unfulfilled I was in my job and decided that I needed to follow my own creative path. I quit my job as an investment banker and moved to LA, where I started performing stand up and writing screenplays. Over time, I gravitated back to my first love, novels. Since it came back to me after all those years, it just proves that it was meant to be.

Q: Who were your biggest influences?
A: Roald Dahl on the novel side. I read all of his books when I was a kid, and The Witches gave me nightmares well into my twenties. I’ve also been influenced by a lot of filmmakers. My big three are John Hughes, Tim Burton, and the Coen brothers.

Q: What do you do when you aren’t writing?
A: My favorite thing to do is spend time with my wife and family. I’m also a huge sports fan and fantasy sports champion (mostly baseball and football), and really enjoy cooking, meditation, and doing yoga. Why are you laughing? That wasn’t a joke.

When not writing, Matthew also models tuxedos for The Men’s Warehouse.

Q: Oh, sorry. I thought it was… Well, I think that’s it.
A: That wasn’t a question.
Q: Whoops. I sometimes forget how this works. Is that it…?
A: Yes.