Regulators, Mount Up!

Big news! My book (The Orphans) is going to be available for presale on Amazon in eBook format starting tomorrow (Fri 5/22).  Unlike with films and their million dollar budgets, all of the marketing falls on my shoulders, which is why I really need YOUR help to get the word out by being part of the SULLIVAN STREET TEAM. Don’t worry, there are no “blood in, blood out” requirements to join this badass crew. All that’s required for membership is the following:

  1. Send a short email to your friends (as many as you feel comfortable with) during the launch weekend, which is this weekend (May 22-24)
  2. From May 22 until June 21 (4 weeks), post about The Orphans one time per week on your social media accounts (FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  3. After the book is released (eBooks will be delivered June 15th, the same day the print book goes on sale) and you’ve read it, just go on Amazon and write a short, honest review.

That’s it. Just one email, four social media posts, and one review and you’re in. You can obviously post and email more than the minimum requirements, but that’s your call. Also, if you have any other marketing ideas, I’m all ears!

You’re probably wondering what comes with a SULLIVAN STREET TEAM membership, right? Like maybe a 10% discount at Taco Bell or an automatic upgrade to A boarding on Southwest? Well, I can’t promise either of those things, at least not for the first book. But what I am able to promise is to include every member’s name in the Acknowledgements section of the book. That way, if (or maybe I should say when) the book blows up, your name will be in the millions of copies and you’ll be able to show that to your future grandchildren (or current grandchildren). Which I think is pretty cool…

If you’re down to join the crew, just send me a Facebook message or email ( and I will send you some links and hashtags to use and assign you a day to post (I’m trying to stagger the posts so that we reach the widest audience and stay top-of-mind). Of course, if you’d rather go rogue and post on your own schedule, that’s fine, too.

I really appreciate all of your help and can’t wait to see all of your names in the back of my book.

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