The Orphans – Book 1

Available in Paperback or for Kindle on Amazon. Praise for The Orphans below:

Cover for young adult novel The Orphans

“This fast-moving story is a refreshing, modern portrayal of the struggle of good versus evil and the power of mindfulness and self-reflection. Young readers will see a lot of themselves in Charlie, the protagonist, and his path to overcoming his limitations will inspire many to consider a new approach to finding strength and happiness.” 

Amazon five-star reviewer

“Readers of any age will find strength through the Orphans’ strides. Along with our heroes, they will get swept up into a landscape littered with unimaginable challenges–and learn that they have far more agency than they ever realized.”

Lauren Leibowitz, Editor, New York Magazine

“Although great for YA readers, it is just as engaging for adults. The life messages presented in an action-suspense format are truly integrated into the plot and make this a must read.”

Amazon five-star reviewer